Monte Cook

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Welcome to the Official Website of Monte Cook

I’m Monte Cook. I’ve been a writer for 25 years. Most of that time, I’ve designed tabletop roleplaying games, but I’ve also published novels, short stories, comics, and nonfiction. Feel free to check out my blog, The Chapel Perilous, my various projects, or my two different game publishing imprints, Monte Cook Games and Malhavoc Press.

Latest from the The Chapel Perilous

Ptolus on Bundle of Holding

September 11, 2014

As you may have heard, the new Bundle of Holding deal features Ptolus and other Malhavoc Press products. I'm happy to be able to offer it all for a very low price AND donate a portion of the proceeds to great charities.


September 5, 2014

In addition to my duties with Monte Cook Games, I do other things as well. A particularly fun and interesting role I've played is that of advisor for a company called FIX who has created a game that encourages fitness and health called UtiliFIT.

Some Comics Reviews

August 8, 2014

A lot of my reading time recently has gone toward comics. Here's what I've been reading.

News & Happenings

I will be at the following shows in 2014:

UK Games Expo May 30-June 1

GenCon August 14-17

DragonCon August 29-Sept 1

I was interviewed on the Translating the Strange Podcast along with Bruce Cordell.

Need to contact me for professional inquiries? Please do so here to ensure a timely response.

Latest Projects

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